Interview with Topper of IAS Exam - Dr.Amit Saini ( CSE - 06 All India 2nd Rank )

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Interview with Topper of IAS Exam - Dr.Amit Saini ( CSE - 06 All India 2nd Rank )
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Name: Dr.Amit Saini - Occupation - Asstt. Comdt. CISF
Father's Name: Shri Devinder K.Saini " Retd., Govt. Servant
Mother's Name: Smt. Asha Saini " House wife
Wife's name: Dr.Anshu B.Saini " Dental Surgeon
Brother's Name: Sumit Saini " Engineer with MNC
Schooling : Government Model Sr. Sec. School Sector 37- B Colony
11/12 th -DAV College Sector 10 Chandigarh College - MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Chandigarh

Job experience:

1. Medical Officer 01/02 - in GMC, Chandigarh
2. Assist. Commandant - CBF 02 - till date
Previous selections in CSF
CSF- 2002 - Rank 255 9Assistant Commandant, CISF / ADA ) (II attempt)

Award of Excellence. DAV College Sector 10 Chandigarh)
Gold Medal in M.B.B.S.
Service of record (Best Probationer in CISF)
Gold Medal in Law in LBSNAA, Mussorie

MARKS OBTAINED in UPSC Exam : CSE-2006 / Rank-2 / 4 th attempt
GS I - 174 Essay - 88
GS-II - 177 Medical Science - I - 170
Zoology-I -187 Medical Science -II - 174
Zoology -II - 197 Interview - 210

Strategy for optionals

How to choose optionals
Keep your background in mind. Don't go beyond that unless it was too poor to carry on with.
See the datasheet of months from, there must be some days gap between the two optionals.
I have chosen my optional considering both these factors in mind. As being on MBBS I am well versed with my medical subjects and some Zoology is the basic science in 11/12 th . Hence I opted for it as another optional.
For prelims examination:
One should do exhaustive study, read in between the times, I have taken Zoology as B subject as I consider it more after to opt w,r.t. Medical science, questions in zoology have factual approach.
For main examination

For General Studies : Do not go for many books. Normal tendency is to go for many books initially and then in the end, when revision is required one gets confused. Spectrum books, chronicle PD and Vajiram notes are main to concentrate up.
For Medical science : Do standard textbooks as target during MBBS. Don't be pan about the syllabus. Medical science is such a subject that the question is out of the syllabus one. Can still write and make diagram so that fetching at least respectable marks in those questions.
For Zoology - Have topic-by-topic approach.
Take one topic and study it thoroughly from different textbooks and take the best of different books. Try to make diagrams. Practice the diagrams and colour them properly during practice. Don't be lazy in making diagrams. Use graphics/charts as much as possible.

Board: - ShriK.Ray Paul - Date - 04-04-07 (Afternoon) session.
I wore black trouser with light brown shirt and Dark brown tie.
Atmosphere was cozy, warm and very friendly. I greeted the members with Good afternoon sir and got the dignified reply and was asked to sit down.

Question : Why do you want to leave CISF?
Ans. My aim right from my start was to be in IAS when I started giving the exam. And I am still having targeted approach to that.
Question : Where are you posted?
Ans. Khajiraho Airport, Unit Commander _CISF
Question : Tell me something about the sequence of airport checking of passengers?
Ans. replied.
Question : Why AHMD if the passenger has been chosen through DFMD.
Ans. Replied scientific reason.
Member - 1
Question Tell us the Chronology of Kashmir problem right from the start?
Ans. From 1947 to 1988 (stopped here)
Question : what is the solution for Kashmir problem?
Ans. Both Police response and civic response (details discussed)
Question : Why can't we go the Israel way?
Ans. Let us not fall in those circles Israel
Member -2
Question : Naxalism is terrorism (compare)
Question : Solution to Naxalism problem
Question : Were killings in Nandigram an exaggerated by police response? Explain

Member -3
Question : What are the problems India is facing?
Question : Compare Indian population growth of other countries, the Hungary, Germany?

Member -4
Question : How to detect explosure/ Narcotis?
Question : What are the latest in the field of technology on their detection
Question : Why you joined Medical and MBBS?
Ans : Sir, that was my parent's decision in 11 th to let me take medical.


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